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Warren Knows Gifts provide quality 

stylish home and office decorating

accessories and fun practical gifts

for all occassions. This business was

an idea that I came up with out of-

my like for shopping and finding

bargains. The second inspiration for

starting this business was an episode

on the Oprah Winfrey show on finding

your passion, and setting forth a plan

to make your passion come to life!

And so I did Just that. I wanted a 

small business that was fun, simple,

and mobile. I wanted a business that

would give my customers a safe, fun,

shopping experience with beautiful

quality filled home and outdoor

gardening decor gift products. My

associates and I have 24 hour access

and support, which is the makings of

a great team to bring you beautiful,

quality, fun filled decor products. Our

talented designers and artisans from

all over the world have been called

upon to craft these items with ex-

ceptional care specifically, and ex-

clusively for our collection! We give

services to: fundraising organizations,

street vending businesses, small

retail stores, interior design firms,

landscape design companies and

customer host parties.

Warren 10
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